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Spritz Cocktail T-Shirts & Hoodies

designed by Noemí Carrau

Spritz Veneziano Sprizz Spriz Spriss Sprisseto Venice Italy

© Noemí Carrau, Venice, Italy
Graphic art design & Illustrations

Spritz Veneziano T-Shirts Spritz Veneziano T-Shirts Spritz Cocktail Hoodies

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Spritz Recipe

Spritz is a very popular cocktail in northern Italy commonly served as an aperitif. It is made of white wine, sparkling mineral water, some Campari or Aperol, and garnished with a slice of lemon and an olive.


1 part white wine
1 part Aperol, Select or Campari
1 part sparkling water
combine with some ice,
and garnished with an olive, and a slice of orange or lemon